About Our Facility

Welcome to the Ingram Training Stable, where we specialize in training fine reining and performance horses.

From our facility we are only 25 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the beach.  The weather in South Florida is perfect for training horses year round. 

The team at Ingram Training Stable is ready to meet your goals for training, showing and/or sales. Whether you’re just beginning to learn to ride or want to expand upon your current knowledge and skills, we’re the team to call. We’re committed to excellence and look forward to helping you.

We are located in Loxahatchee, Florida just outside of beautiful horse country, Wellington. We are easily accessbile from the Florida Turnpike and I-95.


Reinging is a judged event designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch type horse within the confines of a show arena.  In NRHA competition, contestants are required to run one of ten approved patterns, included in the  NRHA Handbook.

Each pattern includes small slow circles, flying lead changes, roll backs over hte hocks, 360 degree spins done in place and exciting sliding stops that are the hallmark of the reining horse. 

The NRHA Judging System is recognized as the leading format for judging an equine event that combines technical and stylistic elements coupled with consideration of “degree of difficulty.”  Many segments of the equine judging discipline have openly embraced the NRHA Judging System.

*Information obtained from the NRHA website


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